EA's Visceral Games working on 'bold new IP'

Dead Space 2 studio crafting new PS3, Xbox 360 property that is "heavily backed by EA leadership."


In May 2009, Electronic Arts announced the formation of internal studio Visceral Games around the development team behind Dead Space and Dante's Inferno. At the time, then-general-manager Glenn Schofield--who would later defect to Activision--said the shop had two new games in development. One of those turned out to be Dead Space 2, which would go on to be a huge hit, shipping more than 2 million units within a week of release.

What new IP is Visceral cooking up?
What new IP is Visceral cooking up?

As for the other property, little has been heard about the title until this week. A job listing on industry site Gamasutra reveals that Visceral is looking for an executive producer for an all-new property. "The Executive Producer for Visceral Redwood Shores will be leading a bold new IP that is heavily backed by EA leadership," reads the job listing. The listing also reveals that the title in question is in development for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

No public information is available about what the new IP could be. However, in October 2009, rumors circulated that Visceral was working on an alternate take on the Jack the Ripper murders. In that scenario, the titular killer is actually a hero who battles vampires and demons to protect common humans from harm.

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