EA will develop current-gen games for "many years to come"

CFO Blake Jorgensen discusses challenges associated with supporting two console generations simultaneously.

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The next generation of gaming may be on many gamers' minds with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One finally seeing release, but Electronic Arts is not abandoning current-generation systems anytime soon.

Speaking during the UBS Global Technology Conference this week about the challenges of developing for two console generations simultaneously, EA CFO Blake Jorgensen explained that EA will support current-generation systems for "many years to come."

"How do you do both last-generation and new generation at the same time? Doing a new generation set of titles is always going to be a challenge, but we're also trying to produce [current-generation] titles and we'll be producing [current-generation] titles for many years to come," Jorgensen said.

The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 have each sold around 80 million units, while the Wii towers over them both at over 100 million units sold. Jorgensen said he expects more of these consoles to be sold in the years ahead, and perhaps at lower price points.

"We think that the consumer will continue to buy [current-generation consoles]," Jorgensen said. "We don't know what the prices for [current-generation] boxes will be after the new console rollout, but I'm assuming that they'll start to come down over time and that may be bring new people into the market."

Regarding the balance between supporting next-generation and current-generation simultaneously, Jorgensen said it's all about finding the right balance.

"You can't put all your talent on [next-generation consoles], because you still have to develop good [current-generation] games, and we're trying to make sure that we have a great experience for consumers across all platforms," he said.

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