EA prepping Dead Space Sabotage?

Publisher registers new URL for mystery project related to Visceral Games' acclaimed survival horror shooter franchise.

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Source: Internet sleuthing site Superannuation.

What we heard: Superannuation has developed a reputation for uncovering the secrets of publishers well in advance of a formal announcement by hunting through patent and trademark databases, LinkedIn profiles, and domain registrations. Today, the site appears to have struck gold again, unearthing a URL registration for "Dead Space Sabotage," filed by Electronic Arts on July 29.

Doesn't Isaac have enough problems without adding sabotage to the mix?
Doesn't Isaac have enough problems without adding sabotage to the mix?

Exactly what form Dead Space Sabotage will take is a bit of a mystery, considering the range of products that Electronic Arts already has supporting Dead Space 2's launch early next year. Last month, EA released the prequel novel Dead Space: Martyr. Meanwhile, at Comic-Con 2010, EA announced the Dead Space Aftermath animated feature film as well as the Dead Space Salvage graphic novel, both of which are due in winter 2010.

As for game tie-ins, EA announced Dead Space Ignition during the 2010 Electronic Entertainment Expo. The downloadable title will be available through Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network this fall and will play out like a Choose Your Own Adventure narrative with three different minigames.

One possible base not covered is an installment for Nintendo's Wii. Following the release of the original Dead Space in 2008, EA put out an on-rails shooter prequel titled Dead Space Extraction. However, despite solid reviews, the M-rated title proved to be something less than a commercial dynamo, selling fewer than 10,000 units during its first month at retail in the US.

The official story: "We have no new news about the Dead Space franchise at this time."--An EA representative.

Bogus or not bogus?: It is unlikely that EA would pick a random Dead Space-related subtitle to squat on, so the likelihood that Sabotage will emerge seems high. However, what form it takes and when it will arrive remain a mystery.

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