EA Comments on Dreamcast

GameSpot News speaks with EA about recent claims by insiders that the company is now developing for DC.


GameSpot News spoke with Electronic Arts on Friday in regard to recent insider speculation that the company is now taking an interest in development for Sega's Dreamcast. According to some, there was a change in EA's attitude towards the Dreamcast as a result of Stolar's departure.

"Our position remains unchanged," said Electronic Arts director of corporate communications Pat Becker. "We are evaluating the platform and will determine our level of support based upon its performance in the market relative to next generation systems from Sony and Nintendo."

We also spoke with other Electronic Arts spokespeople last night and none could comment further than the evaluation of the Dreamcast by EA. Apparently if there has been some change in the minds of EA, it will likely be some time before it becomes official. We'll keep you posted.

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