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E3 2019: Anthem Dev Admits "We Have Some Work To Do"

Anthem made a surprise appearance at EA Play.

EA surprised Anthem fans by not giving the game an official spot on its EA Play presentation, but it did squeeze some time for the game between its FIFA and Madden NFL spots. Lead producer Ben Irving appeared for a short interview at the E3 event to discuss the game, though this was less about showcasing upcoming content and more about recognizing the game's weak spots while committing to continuing to work on it.

Irving said that right now the team is working with influencers and getting feedback from players about recent events and the Cataclysm limited-time event, which is now in testing on PC. The idea right now is to gather impressions from the test server and use that to shape content going forward.

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“Anthem does have a future. A very bright future, we hope," Irving said. "We've learned a lot these last few months, we really want to make the game better, we believe Anthem can be a really amazing game. We know we have some work to do, we just want to work with the community and build it together and make it the game that everyone wants it to be."

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