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E3 2018: Halo Infinite Returns To The Franchise's Roots And Is "Bigger And Bolder," Exec Says

"This is a bigger, bolder, more ambitious title."


Halo Infinite was announced during the Xbox E3 2018 briefing by way of a game engine tech demo, not a reveal of the game itself. We still don't know what that looks like or what it really is. But now, Xbox marketing boss Aaron Greenberg has commented further on the title, telling GameSpot that it will return to the franchise's "core roots." It remains to be seen exactly what that means, but the brief look at Master Chief's helmet from the engine tech trailer is meant to be evocative of the classic vibe.

That's all Greenberg had to say on the matter of Halo Infinite returning to the franchise's roots. But he did say that he's eager to see the team at 343 Industries do something more ambitious than a straightforward sequel called Halo 6. "I'm personally excited that it's not just Halo 6. This is a bigger, bolder, more ambitious title," Greenberg said. In 2014, Halo boss Bonnie Ross said we may never see a Halo 6 because 343 wanted to move away from numbered entries. Now, that's happened.

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Also in our interview, which you can watch in the embed above, Greenberg doubled down on the fact that the Infinite trailer from E3 was not the game. It was a tech demo, and an impressive-looking one at that, which showcases what Infinite could be, not what it is. What we do know is that Infinite will tell a more Master Chief-centric story, which is good news after Halo 5 steered away from him.

"What you saw was an in-engine demonstration," Greenberg said. "And of course we are announcing that we are making a brand-new Halo, Halo Infinite, and that the story will feature Master Chief. And you get a sense of some of the technical capabilities of the engine as well. But beyond that, we're just announcing the title. We're not getting into a lot more detail. But it's been good to see the reaction."

Greenberg added that the team at 343 has "done a lot of thinking" about where it wants the story to go, though he shared no further details. Taking a page out of Blizzard's playbook, 343 will share more details on Infinite "when they're ready."

No release date has been set for Infinite, but it sounds like it won't launch anytime soon. The game has a new art style and goes in "new and unexpected directions," while 343 has also teased that you'll get to play early in beta tests. For lots more on Infinite, check out GameSpot's breakdown of everything you need to know from E3.

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