E3 2014: DICE Teases New Details for Mirror's Edge 2

In a montage of concept art and early gameplay, developer DICE drops a few hints about this upcoming, free-running sequel.

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Some early details emerged for the upcoming, parkour-inspired sequel to Mirror's Edge during the Electronic Arts press conference during E3 2014. In a montage of concept art, early gameplay, and interviews, the game’s developers hinted at some of the game changes we can expect in the next game. Among the quotes, they noted they’re "redefining the role of the runners to allow for more varied gameplay" and how they’re "bringing Faith to a new generation."

In the footage shown, Faith sprinted through a spartan, urban environment, moving up and over obstacles in a way similar to its previous installment. The concept art showed a slightly older faith, complete with her iconic gloves and tattoos.

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The next Mirror's Edge was first announced during E3 2013 from Battlefield developer DICE, and has since been confirmed as an open-world game for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. In the original Mirror’s Edge review, GameSpot’s own Kevin VanOrd had a mixed reaction to the game, noting "Mirror's Edge offers occasional thrills, provided that you can look past some awkward stumbles."

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