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E3 2011: outs Halo 4, Halo HD remake

Microsoft's site prematurely tips its hand for new Master Chief entry, "remastered" version of Combat evolved; Dance Central 2, Kinect game "Ryse" also shown.


LOS ANGELES--Even though Microsoft's press conference isn't for another two hours, several of its biggest surprises have already been revealed. Briefly this morning, the official E3 page flashed the software giant's entire lineup for the show, which included some major debuts.

Microsoft accidentally let slip its big E3 news, it seems. Image credit: CVG.
Microsoft accidentally let slip its big E3 news, it seems. Image credit: CVG.

According to a snapshot of the page acquired by CVG before it was hurriedly pulled down, the biggest game to be unveiled is Halo 4. Aside from a screenshot of series heroine Cortana talking to the Master Chief, little was revealed about the game, other than that it was a "return to the Halo universe."

Speaking of the Halo universe, the page also outed Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary. As suspected, the game is an HD remake of the 2001 original, or, as Microsoft puts it: "The epic game that launched a universe, mastered for a new generation."

Also included in the leak was confirmation of Harmonix's latest boogie game, Dance Central 2. The news comes as no surprise, as Harmonix confirmed it would be showing a new game at the show and a domain name was registered for it just yesterday.

Lastly, the page showed something called "Ryse," a new title for the Kinect. Besides its name, nothing more is known about the title, except that in it "you are the warrior" in an "action-packed Kinect experience."

Gamers eager to hear official word of the above-mentioned games can tune in to Microsoft's media briefing, which is slated for 9 a.m. PDT today.

[UPDATE] Halo 4 has now indeed been confirmed for a Fall 2012 release. The first teaser trailer for the game is below.

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