E3 2002: Show wrap-up

Take a look at some of the biggest stories from this year's E3.


E3 2002 has come and gone, but the events that transpired at the show will be the source of discussion for weeks to come. However, this show was somewhat unlike any previous E3, because a number of big stories occurred even before the show started. Nintendo followed Sony and Microsoft's lead by announcing Steel Battalion and a number of other games.

Not to be outdone, Microsoft held its press event shortly thereafter and used the time to talk about its online version of Halo. However, the development team will be taking its time with the project to make sure that it gets it right.

That same day, GameSpot had an exclusive interview with Hideo Kojima on his next project, Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance. Much like Metal Gear Solid: Integral (otherwise known as Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions in North America), Substance will feature a number of additions to the regular game, including the ability to play as Snake on the Big Shell, plenty of new VR missions, and more.

Sony and Nintendo then held their respective press conferences. Sony demonstrated the online capabilities of the PlayStation 2 with Ratchet & Clank.

Nintendo mentioned its online plans at the conference but downplayed the importance of online gaming. Instead, the company focused on Super Mario Sunshine.

Two major third-party announcements also occurred in the days leading up to E3. Rockstar Games announced its next game in the Grand Theft Auto series, and Star Wars Galaxies, which is being developed for the PlayStation 2 and the Xbox, was announced.

Nintendo's booth was the place to be on the first day of the show, with hundreds of people darting through the doors, heading to Nintendo's fortress on the show floor. Donkey Kong Racing was surprisingly absent from the Nintendo booth.

Attendees of the Microsoft booth at E3 got a little taste of Xbox Live with BC, which uses many of the same features found in Ego. Unfortunately, there was no sign of Halo 2 at the show.

The PlayStation 2 probably had the bulk of games at this year's E3. THQ showed Madden NFL 2003 and it was also at the Sony booth for those who wanted to try out the PlayStation 2's network capabilities.

Of course, there were also plenty of multiplatform games at the show, such as James Bond 007: NightFire and many more. There were many games at the show, so be sure to check out the latest information and media from E3 2002.

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