E3 2002: Eidos announces DX2: Invisible War for Xbox, PC, and PS2

The highly acclaimed sequel to Deus Ex is scheduled for a 2003 release on several gaming platforms.


Deus Ex: Invisible War

Though it's been public knowledge that a sequel to Deus Ex has been in the works, Eidos Interactive has at last officially unveiled the sequel to this highly acclaimed game. Originally released for the PC in 2000, Deus Ex earned widespread acclaim and numerous awards for its unique blend of gameplay elements. Though similar Deus Ex looked like a first-person shooter, it was actually a hybrid game with plenty of adventure and role-playing elements. The game took place in a grim future embroiled in a worldwide conspiracy. Players assumed the role of J.C. Denton, a cybernetically enhanced government agent who finds himself in the middle of it all. The sequel, simply titled DX2: Invisible War, is set some time after the events of the original game, though the developers have yet to reveal many specifics in terms of the plot.

Like its predecessor, DX2: Invisible War promises to be a highly open-ended, replayable game in which situations can be resolved using various means--brute force, stealth, computer hacking, or even persuasion. The developers are intending to focus the game's design more tightly than in the original, so that any of the different gameplay possibilities are viable in any situation. Like in the first game, players' actions will be remembered by other characters in the game, so players' decisions may come back to haunt them. The game will also feature an improved physics engine and better artificial intelligence.

DX2 is scheduled for release on the Xbox, PC, and PS2 platforms sometime next year. For more information on the game, take a look at our extensive interview with the game's designers and these new screens of the game. And stay tuned for more information.

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