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E3 2001: First look at Bruce Lee for the Xbox

Read the first details on Ronin Entertainment's Bruce Lee game for the Microsoft Xbox.


Microsoft announced Bruce Lee: Quest for the Dragon during its pre-show press conference at E3 in Los Angeles. Developed by Ronin Entertainment, the game is a 3D fighting/adventure game similar in concept to Square's The Bouncer (ie. you must battle multiple enemies at once).

In an original story created by Ronin Entertainment, you play in the role of deceased martial arts legend Bruce Lee, who must battle to regain his father's honor and save your monastery from the machinations of a burgeoning criminal underground. To accomplish this quest, you have to travel around the world to cities such as London, Hong Kong, and San Francisco and learn ten different martial arts skills (including Lee's trademark Jeet Kune Do).

The game has five play modes: fighting-adventure, tournament, time trial, survival, and brawl. Fighting-adventure is the story mode for the game--in theory, a playable martial arts film. Tournament mode lets you compete against your friends or a computer-controlled opponent in one of 15 different environments. The time trial and survival modes both put you against a continuously streaming horde of enemies. And brawl mode sets four players together at once in a large open arena.

Microsoft says that the game will feature cutting-edge motion blur and motion capture technology, that the camera will follow your character "as if guided by a skilled director," and that your enemies will learn to adapt to counter moves you use frequently. The game's prestige scoring system opens up hidden levels and weapons as you earn more points.

Bruce Lee: Quest for the Dragon is planned for release in fall of this year.

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