E3 2001 First ImpressionBatman: Dark Tomorrow

Kemco brings an original storyline based on the comic book legend and some amazing graphics to the Nintendo GameCube.


Batman: Dark Tomorrow

Definitely the strongest attraction at Kemco's booth, Batman: Dark Tomorrow left many impressed with a fairly lengthy promotional movie. While no obvious gameplay elements were demonstrated, beautiful action-packed cutscenes gave proof of the GameCube's rendering power. Car-chase scenes, a few brutal fight scenes where Batman deftly punishes foes, and aerial shots featuring jumps from one attack helicopter to another turned many a head and kept them locked in place.

Dark Tomorrow will feature an original storyline created by DC Comics. Batman will go up against some classic villains like the Ratcatcher, Killer Croc, and the seductive beauty Poison Ivy. Action and puzzle elements will be incorporated into the gameplay, and they'll be helped along by the stunning movie sequences. The title may be released as early as November 2001.

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