E3 06: WarDevil: Enigma Impressions

Sony shows off a short and simple real-time demo of Digi-Guys' futuristic action game.


WarDevil: Enigma

LOS ANGELES--Though not playable, there is a kiosk in the Sony booth here at E3 2006 that gives us a glimpse of WarDevil: Enigma, Digi-Guys' next-gen futuristic action game, running in real-time on PlayStation 3 hardware. The demo begins with a shot of a ruined, crumbling building with tattered battle flags and faded, ancient frescos on the inside of the walls. Standing among the ruins is a muscular, grey-haired warrior, sporting some kind of skin-tight futuristic suit with various hoses attached to it and a large, glowing red light on his chest. We noticed a pretty nice level of facial detail in this lone character, which also had a small scar over one of his eyes.

The demo then cut to a balcony, from which emerged a small group of nasty-looking cyborgs, which retained the same look as the cyborgs that we've seen in the screens and videos of the 360 version of WarDevil. At this point, our warrior reveals that his crazy suit is equipped with a thin but nonetheless nasty-looking blade that extends out of his forearm. As the cyborgs start climbing down from the balcony, they start circling the warrior, with one of the cyborgs climbing atop a pillar in the middle of the room. The shot cuts to a close-up of the warrior's hand reaching into a holster for a simple but still vaguely futuristic-looking pistol. The scene ends with the warrior shooting one of the cyborgs as it tries to climb another wall.

Like many of the PlayStation 3 demos being shown at the Sony booth, the WarDevil demo claims that it is running at 1080p, and though there's no way for us to really determine how true that is, we're certain that it's running in some kind of HD resolution. Not a whole lot happens over the course of the demo, but there was a certain cinematic quality to the demo. There's no question to us that what we saw was running in real-time, as there were a few moments of slowdown. What we'd really like to see now is some actual gameplay.

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