E3 06: Namco Bandai's MotoGP hits the road

Cycle racing simulator slated for PSP; set to support eight-player wireless runs, variety of modes.


MotoGP (2006)

LOS ANGELES--Namco Bandai is featuring Tekken: Dark Resurrection and Ace Combat X for the PlayStation Portable at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo, but those aren't the publisher's only franchises set to debut on Sony's handheld. While it's not being shown at E3, MotoGP is also heading to the PSP, as confirmed by a new trailer for the game.

Little is known about the portable extension of the MotoGP series for PlayStation 2 consoles (not to be confused with THQ's MotoGP line on the Xbox and Xbox 360), but the PSP version will feature a variety of standard features for motorcycle racers. Beyond an assortment of bikes and courses, the game will also feature season, arcade, and time-trial modes. Eight-player wireless races are also confirmed to be in the game.

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