E3 06: Mega Man Battle Network 6 Hands-On

We jack-in over at the Capcom booth to try out both versions of the next installment in the Mega Man Battle Network series.


LOS ANGELES--In less than five years Capcom has released five Mega Man Battle Network games for the Game Boy Advance, and they're keeping up the pace with the upcoming Mega Man Battle Network 6 Cybeast Gregar and Mega Man Battle Network 6 Cybeast Falzar. The names may sound foreign, but the games will be instantly familiar to fans of the series.

The two Battle Network 6 games are basically the same, but the major difference is that the final boss of each version of the game is different. There are also five unique Link Navis in each game, as well as special battle chips unique to each version of the game.

We played the game from the beginning and although we didn't get far enough to really get into the story, we got a general feel for it. It started out in school where a teacher revealed that young Lan was transferring to a different school. After an emotional scene where the kids said goodbye, it was time to start life anew in the town of Cyber City. Our first mission was to explore the town and talk to people about the various goings-on in the town. We then happened upon a young girl who was being attacked by a robotic dog that was infected with a virus. We jacked-in to the dog to eradicate the virus and save both the girl and the dog.

Combat in Battle Network 6 follows the same formula as previous games. You assign battle chips and then the battles play out in real-time as you move between the colored squares on the battlefield and shoot at your enemies. You can also counter enemy attacks and use special data chips for effects like taking control of enemy spaces, and so on.

After fighting a bunch of Metool enemies and finishing up the tutorial, we jacked-out of the robot dog, and the girl ran away. At that time we received an e-mail from Lan's father informing us that his new computer was hooked up and ready to go.

That's the extent of what we saw of the game, but it looks like it will be very much the same as previous games in the series. If you're a fan then this is a game you'll want to keep an eye on before it's released next month. If you're really a fan, keep an eye on both versions of the game.

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