E3 06: Koei announces E3 lineup

Pair of PlayStation 3 games, more Warriors installments headline publisher's lineup for this year's expo.


Koei today pulled the wraps off the games it will showcase at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo, with a pair of offerings for Sony's next-gen console headlining the publisher's lineup.

The company's Omega Force development team will have a hand in both the action game Blade Storm: The Hundred Years War and the futuristic racer Fatal Inertia, which is being developed in cooperation with Koei's Toronto, Ontario, studio. While both of these games appear to be entirely new franchises, the rest of Koei's lineup is built mostly of more-familiar offerings. The full announced lineup is as follows:

PlayStation 3:
Fatal Inertia
Blade Storm: Hundred Years War

Xbox 360:
Samurai Warriors 2

PlayStation 2:
Samurai Warriors 2

Gitaroo Man Lives!
Dynasty Warriors Vol. 2

Nintendo DS:
Dynasty Warriors DS

Uncharted Waters Online
Dynasty Warriors BB (working title)

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