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Dune 3? Here's What Denis Villeneuve And Legendary's CEO Have Said About It

Everyone needs to be "aligned" on the vision, Legendary's CEO says.


Dune: Part Two is in theaters now and making lots of money, so many are wondering if director Denis Villeneuve will come back to make the third entry he previously spoke about. We still don't know, but Legendary Entertainment CEO Josh Grode told CNBC that it's not a sure thing yet, in part because everyone involved needs to be "aligned and support the vision."

"I think everybody is very excited and really enjoying this moment. If Denis [Villeneuve] gets the script right and he feels that he can deliver another experience on par with what we've just completed then I don't see why not," he said.

Villeneuve himself previously said that his "dream" is to make a Dune trilogy, and that there are already "words on paper" for a third entry. The director has said a third Dune film could adapt some of the events of the Dune Messiah book.

He told GameSpot recently that there is a "possibility" he will come back for a third and final time, adding that he believes Dune 3 is "in the works right now."

"If we manage to do a strong screenplay, I would go back," he said.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter about future plans, Villeneuve said he made Dune and Dune: Part Two in very quick succession, but if he makes a third, it won't happen on as rapidly. He has four projects currently in development, and one of these--a mysterious secret project that has not been announced--"needs to see the light of day quite quickly," he said.

As such, if Villeneuve does indeed make a third Dune film, it won't be his next project.

In addition to a potential third Dune film, Warner Bros. Discovery is producing a Dune TV series. In the world of video games, Dune: Awakening is on the way.

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