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Duke Nukem 3D Is Coming To Switch Soon Amid Current Lawsuit

The classic Duke Nukem FPS is coming to Switch this month, despite a current legal battle between 3D Realms and Duke Nukem publisher Gearbox.


Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour is coming to Nintendo Switch on June 23, four years after the game's 20th anniversary. The game will offer up the extra chapter and re-recorded dialog that other platforms also received, as well as an eight-player co-op mode, but it will also come with some Switch-exclusive features.

This version of the game will have optional gyroscopic aiming, as seen in many other Switch ports, such as Borderlands Legendary Collection and The Outer Worlds. It will also feature HD rumble, and will, of course, be playable in portable mode.

The game will retail for $10 on the Eshop, but will carry a 50% discount at launch, according to Nintendo Life. You can check it out in the trailer below.

What makes this particularly interesting is that Gearbox is currently suing 3D Realms in a counter-suit regarding the game's music. The issue involves an allegation of breach of contract, as Gearbox says that 3D Realms did not achieve the "free and clear" passover of the game promised. This is the second lawsuit relating to Gearbox's purchase of Duke Nukem 3D; the original issue was that Bobby Prince, the game's composer, maintained the rights to some of the game's music.

Gearbox is claiming damages, legal fees, and interest relating to the suit, and is evidently still publishing new Duke Nukem releases. The trailer above promises "new music from the original composer," but this is in reference to Lee Jackson, another composer who worked on the title.

This is technically Duke Nukem's second time on the Switch, although his first appearance was as a guest in Bulletstorm.

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