Bulletstorm: Duke Of Switch Edition Is Out Now

Plus you can play as Duke Nukem, if that’s your thing.


The Nintendo Switch has suddenly gotten a little more M-rated with the surprise-release of Bulletstorm. The Bulletstorm: Duke of Switch Edition, previously announced for the summer, is now available on the eshop for $30.

As you may expect from the name, this version of Bulletstorm includes all the remastered “Full Clip” update from 2017, including the ability to play as Duke Nukem. The game was known for its crass humor and let’s say creative use of profanity, so Duke fit right in.

Bulletstorm’s gameplay hook was a tether mechanic, which allowed you to bounce enemies back and forth like yo-yos as you dealt damage and racked up score bonuses. GameSpot’s Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition review, awarded the remaster an 8/10.

"The experience absolutely holds up: the skillshot system remains wildly fun and inventive, the weapons are still a gruesome joy, and the writing...well, it's as distinctive as ever,” Scott Butterworth wrote. “If you missed Bulletstorm when it originally released--and based on sales numbers, you probably did--now's the time to treat yourself to a clever if cringe-worthy blockbuster."

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