DSi passes million-sales markers

E3 2009: DSi sells 1 million units in US and Europe in eight weeks since launch; 900,000 DS Lites shipped in the same period in the regions.


LOS ANGELES--Nintendo has had its fair share of good financial news among the gloom of this year, recently posting an 8.5 percent rise in profits, and it used its E3 press conference to deliver a little more.

Ms. Dunaway has fully recovered from her snowboarding injury.
Ms. Dunaway has fully recovered from her snowboarding injury.

Cammie Dunaway, Nintendo of America's executive vice president of sales and marketing, revealed to the assembled gaming press that the DSi has shipped more than 1 million units in the US, just hours after Nintendo had confirmed that the same milestone had just been reached in Europe.

The DSi's launch sales figures in the US were already dwarfing those for the launch of its predecessor, the Nintendo DS--selling 435,000 units in its first week of release, more than doubling the week-one sales for the last upgrade to Nintendo's handheld line. Over the entire two-month window, 400,000 DS Lites were sold as well, according to Dunaway.

Sales in the eight weeks since the DSi's European launch have outpaced those of the DS Lite's launch period by over 60 percent, reaching the million mark in five weeks fewer than its predecessor. As well as 1 million DSi's, 500,000 DS Lites were sold across the continent in the same period.

For more on Nintendo's E3 annoucements, watch the press conference in full here, or read the live blog as it happened.

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