DSi downloadable games transferable to 3DS

Nintendo confirms post-launch feature for upgrading customers; new system's online store to use real currency instead of points.


Digital distribution is maturing in the gaming industry, but there are still some outstanding questions and some standards waiting to be set. For instance, what happens to downloadable content when a customer upgrades to a new generation of hardware?

The 3DS will let upgrading customers transfer their DSi games to the new system.
The 3DS will let upgrading customers transfer their DSi games to the new system.

Nintendo today revealed its answer to that question, confirming that customers who purchased DSiWare games will be able to transfer the downloaded titles from their existing DSi and DSi XL systems to a new 3DS. Unfortunately, the service will be introduced sometime after the system's March 27 launch. The functionality is an about-face for Nintendo, as transfers were not allowed for consumers upgrading from the DSi to the DSi XL.

As the company laid out its North American and European launch plans today, it also detailed a few other quirks of the 3DS. For example, the system's online store will be called the Nintendo eShop and will move to a real currency-based system instead of the Wii points and DSi points currently used by Nintendo's console and handhelds.

Nintendo also offered updates on some of the system's parental control features. In addition to cutting off Internet access, wireless functions, and the ability to play games above a certain rating, parents will be able to disable the system's 3D functions using a PIN code.

Finally, Nintendo is streamlining the friend code system that currently makes online play with the Wii and DS possible. Instead of swapping codes for systems as well as each game they would like to play together, friends only need to trade hardware codes. Once they do that, they will be able to consult a friends list to see which of their pals are online, as well as what they're playing.

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