DS, Wii Fit top Japanese 2007 sales charts

According to figures from Enterbrain, Nintendo excelled in last year's hardware and charts; Japanese games industry growing.


The numbers are in for Japan--and last year was officially Nintendo's year. In figures compiled by Enterbrain, publisher of influential magazine Famitsu, the Mario Factory was on top in both the hardware and software charts during 2007.

For the period of March 26, 2007, through to March 30, 2008, (the Japanese financial year), the Nintendo DS sold 6,343,547 units, followed by fellow handheld the PlayStation Portable with 3,427,971 units. Next was the Nintendo Wii with 3,741,946 units, the PlayStation 3 with 1,197,418 units, and the Xbox 360 with 235,318 units.

In total, the number crunchers reckon, that now adds up to over 22 million DSs out and about, almost 9 million PSPs, 6 million Wiis, 2 million PS3s, and 603,000 Xbox 360s.

As to the games themselves, Wii Fit managed to wrestle itself into top place by selling 1,762,193 copies, despite only being released in Japan on December 1. It was followed by Mario Party DS (1,659,315), Wii Sports (not included in a bundle with the Wii console in Japan, but still selling 1,616,377 units in 2007), Super Smash Bros. Brawl (1,554,852), and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon (1,354,447).

The overall games industry sales were up slightly over last year, with hardware and software up 3.8 percent over 2006.

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