DS dominating Japan hardware charts

Nintendo's latest handheld sales are soaring above the competition in the land of the rising sun.


The DS Lite is continuing to sell phenomenally well in its home country of Japan. For the week ending June 24, the portable sold 163,888 units, reports game-industry research firm Media Create.

These figures are almost three times as many as sold by the console in second place--Nintendo's other offering the Wii, which clocked in at 65,582 units sold. Sony's PlayStation Portable came in third with 32,984 sold, followed by the ageing PlayStation 2 at 11,962.

The two most expensive consoles in the country were next, the PlayStation 3 first, outselling Microsoft's Xbox 360 by almost three to one with 9,581 to the 360's 3,369.

Trailing off toward the end of the popularity scale were some of the older portables and consoles. The Game Boy Micro sold 284, the Game Boy Advance SP shifted 130, the GameCube 82, and the original DS 30.

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