Driveclub Uses NASA Data for Accurate Night Skies

A Playstation Blog post has revealed the painstaking detail Evolution Studios is putting into Driveclub's world.


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Sony Blog Manager Fred Dutton has published a blog post explaining the impressive amount of detail in Evolution Studios's upcoming racing game, Driveclub.

In the post, Dutton shares 51 facts about Driveclub that reveal Evolution's efforts to make the world and cars look as realistic as possible. The studio is working hard to create beautiful environments, as noted in GameSpot's hands-on preview.

Some of the most interesting features described in the blog post involve Evolution's approach to the weather and the sky. Evolution has pulled star data from NASA in order to exactly reproduce worldwide constellation patterns in-game. The developer has also created 3D clouds so that light will diffuse accurately, and they will react differently to varying wind speeds. You will never see a cloud or weather pattern more than once, either: "Skies are uniquely generated every time you play, so just like in real life you'll never see the same sky twice."

Evolution has also created over 100 varieties of plants, tracks with over 1.2 million trees, and spectators who dress correctly for inclement weather.

You can read all 51 facts here.

Last week, GameSpot reported on Evolution's attempt to create extremely high-quality audio of its in-game cars. Next week, we will have impressions on Evolution's ambitious project when it is shown at E3.

Driveclub will be released on October 7.

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