Dragon Age: Inquisition Has Up to 200 Hours' Worth of Content, BioWare Says

The single-player campaign, however, should take you 20-40 hours to complete.

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To complete Dragon Age: Inquisition, that is to say, to see everything the game has to offer, will take you between 150 and 200 hours, according to BioWare producer Cameron Lee. The game's main story, however, should take you between 20 and 40 hours to finish, he says.

"We want to give our players a real world to explore--we want to give them a BioWare story," Lee told Polygon. "A really vast, epic BioWare story. That's what we do, and it normally takes 20 to 40 hours anyway to tell the story we want to tell."

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Zipping through Dragon Age Inquisition is one way to play the game, but Lee says taking this route means you'll miss out on a wealth of content.

"People could burn through it and just do the main path, but we wanted to have a world that's fully immersive and well-defined for you to explore, discover, and get involved in," Lee said. "We want you to see you decision have an impact and take shape in the world. "We're just making more. More and more and more. And it's all entirely up to the player. It's your world, your game."

On top of Dragon Age: Inquisition's single-player mode, the game will offer a cooperative option. This marks the first time in franchise history that multiplayer will be available, and it means you could end up spending hundreds of hours with the game if you enjoy it. However, as we found out previously, the single-player and multiplayer modes in Dragon Age: Inquisition are not tied together at all. Explaining this decision, Lee said, "We wanted that because we didn't want to impact the story in negative ways, because some players may play both modes and some may not."

Dragon Age: Inquisition launches for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PC on November 18. That's a big day for video games, as Grand Theft Auto V comes to Xbox One and PS4 on that day, alongside Far Cry 4.

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