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Dragon Age dawns Oct. 20

EA and BioWare's long-in-the-making fantasy RPG confirmed for simultaneous 360, PS3, PC launch this fall.


Under different circumstances, PC gamers could at this very moment be playing BioWare's latest epic fantasy role-playing game, Dragon Age: Origins. However, as told by EA CEO John Riccitiello, the game was shaping up to be so epic in scale, quality, and innovation that Dragon Age would be better served if the PC launch coincided with the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 debuts later in the year.

There's a lot of hellspawn that could use a slaying.
There's a lot of hellspawn that could use a slaying.

At the time, Riccitiello noted, "Too much quality can make you reassess your options." Options thus reassessed, BioWare confirmed for GameSpot today that the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC editions of Dragon Age: Origins will be released on October 20.

BioWare went all but completely dark on Dragon Age following its initial reveal way back in May 2004. The game, which has been called a spiritual successor to BioWare's acclaimed Baldur's Gate franchise, resurfaced in late-2007, when EA bought out BioWare and Pandemic as part of an $860 million deal.

Since then, BioWare has been far chattier about its fantasy role-playing game. For more information, check out GameSpot's extensive coverage of Dragon Age: Origins.

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