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BioWare announces new RPG, E3 lineup

Canadian developer will show off the new fantasy-themed Dragon Age along with Jade Empire and The Witcher.


When BioWare passed off Knights of the Old Republic to Obsidian Entertainment, many development observers thought it was because the Canadian Studio wanted to concentrate on Jade Empire. Others felt that, given BioWare's history of innovation in the role-playing genre, the company would use its beefed-up staff to create an original property instead of toiling away on a LucasArts franchise.

Now it appears the latter group might be correct. As part of its E3 lineup announcement this morning, BioWare announced it is working on Dragon Age, "an upcoming PC RPG based on a brand-new BioWare fantasy world." Unfortunately, that's all the developer said, other than "many more details [about Dragon Age] will be announced at E3."

Dragon Age joins two other titles on BioWare's E3 plate. Jade Empire, its Xbox-exclusive Asian martial-arts fantasy role-playing game, will be the centerpiece of the company's booth, where it will be on full display. Also on display will be The Witcher, a PC action RPG developed by Poland-based developer CDProjekt and powered by BioWare's Aurora engine, most famously used in Neverwinter Nights.

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