Dozens Of Video Game Art Books Receive Huge Price Cuts At Amazon

Books about Final Fantasy, Halo, God of War, and other iconic series are available at great low prices.


Looking to keep the adventures rolling after stepping away from the controller? Check out this massive list of discounted video game books at Amazon, which includes content from Sonic, Zelda, Dead Space, Final Fantasy, and other iconic series.

Artbooks are heavily featured in the discounted Amazon catalog, and one of the best deals is for The Art of Halo Infinite: Deluxe Edition. With 200 pages of exclusive content wrapped in a gorgeous hardcover, the book is now just $43 (down from $80) and should make a great addition to any bookcase.

Other cool Deluxe Edition hardcovers are discounted to great prices as well, including Sonic the Hedgehog Encylo-Speed-ia for $46, The Legend of Zelda Encyclopedia for $59, and The Art of Horizon Forbidden West for $67.

Several Final Fantasy books are on sale too, including the Final Fantasy VII Remake: Material Ultimania for $26 (down from $40) and Final Fantasy Ultimania Archive for $28 (down from $40), giving you a chance to dive deeper into one of the most iconic RPG franchises of the all time.

Skyrim may have been released more than a decade ago, but there’s no denying its staying power. And if you want to add all of its in-game books to your shelf, you should check out the Skyrim Library Box Set, which includes three volumes and is down to $54 from its usual $110.

Plenty of other great video game books are on sale, and you’ll find the best deals below.

Best video game book deals

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