Double Fine en-Trenched on XBLA

GDC 2011: Tim Schafer's studio bringing third-person shooter, tower-defense hybrid featuring mechs to Microsoft's downloadable platform.


Iron Brigade

Handing out accolades to last year's top titles was the name of the game at last night's Game Developers Choice Awards, and Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption rode off with another saddlebag of statues. However, the night also had a future-looking element, as host Tim Schafer capitalized on the opportunity to announce Double Fine's latest downloadable title, Trenched.

And actually, a mobile trench kind of makes sense.
And actually, a mobile trench kind of makes sense.

As seen in the game's first trailer (below), Trenched presents the plight of the Mobile Trench Brigade, which has been charged with protecting Earth from an evil invading alien force known as Monovision.

A hybridization of the third-person shooter and tower-defense genres, Trenched sees players erecting stationary defensive constructions as well as lurching about in a highly customizable mech warfare suit. According to Double Fine, players will be afforded thousands of different options to customize their mechs.

Trenched will also feature an online co-op mode, where players can join up with other players throughout the world to battle the invading force. Double Fine has yet to offer word on whether the game will have a competitive component.

Like Double Fine's recently announced Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster, Trenched has thus far been announced only for the Xbox 360. Double Fine's other recent downloadable efforts, Costume Quest and Stacking, both enjoyed multiplatform releases through Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network.

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