Dota 2 Championships Prize Pool Hits $8 Million

Sales of the Compendium are still going strong.

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The prize pool for the Dota 2 world championships The International is now greater than $8 million thanks to sales of its digital program.

The Compendium, as it’s called, was introduced last year as a digital interactive program for the competition, where you can keep track of the different teams and make predictions. Each Compendium costs $10, and each sale raises the prize pool by $2.50. As the prize pool grows and hits its stretch goals, more rewards unlock for all Compendium owners and, in some cases, all players.

Reaching the $8 million stretch goal will allow players to vote on which Hero they’d like to see get a reworked model.

The International Dota 2 Championships will take place July 18-21 at the Key Arena in Seattle. That gives Dota 2 fans plenty of time to hit the $10 million mark or even more. There are many more rewards and updates that come with this year’s Compendium. For more details, check out its official website, or GameSpot sister site onGamers’ great breakdown.

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