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Doom and Quake Co-Creator's Next PC Shooter Teased

Doom and Quake co-creator John Romero seems to be making a new shooter and teasing it with a fake company.


It looks like Doom and Quake co-creator John Romero is working on a new shooter, if a tease from the man himself is to believed. Romero responded to an article written by ShackNews, which said a website for the apparently fictional company, Hoxar Inc, is actually related to the upcoming PC shooter.

Romero retweeted the article and added, "Yes, there may be something to this" with hashtags for PC and FPS. Other than this, there isn't much known about the Doom creator's next shooter. Hoxar Inc's website says it's "proud to present" a thing called "BLACKROOM," which seems to be a holographic room-based technology that doesn't require goggles and goes "far beyond 'virtual' reality."

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Hoxar's Twitter account has thanked members of the military for attending a "PMT" event, retweeted a blog's mixed reality article, and advertised job openings. It also mentions that Dr. Santiago Sonora, its Chief hNode Engineer, will speak at a Virtual Entertainment Summit keynote in August, where he'll introduce Hoxar's "Predictive Memory tech"--it's still unclear if this is real or not.

It's not known when we'll learn more about Romero's next game, but if the various posts are dropping clues, we might see it in August--perhaps at PAX Prime? Nothing has been confirmed yet, but GameSpot will keep you updated as more information is revealed.

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