Donkey Kong Country Returns sells 4.2 million

Nintendo's iconic gorilla sets chest-thumping sales pace as Super Mario Galaxy 2 sales top 6 million through December; Pokemon Black/White top DS chart.


Nintendo is still making more money than most gaming companies, but it is doing so in a far less dramatic fashion. Last week, the Kyoto-based company reported a ¥49.56 billion ($604 million) profit on revenues of ¥807.99 billion ($9.84 billion) for its nine-month fiscal period ended December 31, 2010. Game sales were among the few shining points in Nintendo's financial statement, and the publisher has now revealed its million-unit-plus sellers during the period.

Donkey Kong's return has been a lucrative one for Nintendo.
Donkey Kong's return has been a lucrative one for Nintendo.

In terms of games released during the nine-month window, Super Mario Galaxy 2 was Nintendo's top newcomer on the Wii, having sold 6.15 million units worldwide since its late-May release. Perhaps more impressive is the performance of the 2D platformer Donkey Kong Country Returns, which has sold 4.21 million units since its November 21 release in the US. Kirby's Epic Yarn, which arrived in the US on October 17, sold 1.38 million units.

The Wii's top seller between April and December was perennial hit and system pack-in Wii Sports, which sold 12.19 million units worldwide. Wii MotionPlus pack-in Wii Sports Resort followed with sales of 10.21 million, while New Super Mario Bros. Wii shifted 6.58 million units.

On the DS, Pokemon Black and White were both the top debut and top overall seller during the nine-month period, having sold a combined 5.32 million units. The second best-selling new title during the period was Professor Layton and the Unwound Future, which sold 1.87 million units. However, because Nintendo only sold the game abroad, the game's sales in Japan were not included in the publisher's tally.

Nintendo Wii
Title / Nine-month sales / LTD sales
Donkey Kong Country Returns / 4.21 million / 4.21 million
Kirby's Epic Yarn / 1.38 million / 1.38 million
Mario Kart Wii / 3.95 million / 26.5 million
New Super Mario Bros. Wii / 6.58 million / 21.28 million
Super Mario All-Stars Limited Edition / 1.95 million / 1.95 million
Super Mario Galaxy 2 / 6.15 million / 6.15 million
Wii Fit Plus / 5.09 million / 17.74 million
Wii Party / 5.07 million / 5.07 million
Wii Sports / 12.19 million / 75.66 million
Wii Sports Resort / 10.21 million / 26.35 million

Nintendo DS
Title / Nine-month sales / LTD sales
Pokemon Black and White / 5.32 million / 5.32 million
New Super Mario Bros. / 3.73 million / 26.21 million
Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver / 3.32 million / 11.72 million
Mario Kart DS / 2.8 million / 20.7 million
Professor Layton and the Unwound Future / 1.87 million / 1.87 million*
Art Academy / 1.52 million / 1.52 million
Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem! / 1.15 million / 1.15 million
Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies / 1.02 million / 1.02 million*

*Figure only reflects sales in regions in which Nintendo published the title.

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