Documentary to tell the story behind That Dragon, Cancer

Watch the teaser for the documentary about the creation of That Dragon, Cancer.


That Dragon, Cancer

An upcoming documentary called Thank You For Playing will tell the story behind That Dragon, Cancer, a game about the challenges developer Ryan Green and his wife Amy faced dealing with their son Joel’s terminal cancer.

The film follows the creation and growing success of the game as the Greens continue to care for their son. It is being produced by a team of two, David Osit and Malika Zouhali-Worrall.

"We flew out to Colorado to meet the Greens last summer, and we've been filming with them ever since," the filmmakers told Gamasutra. "We hope that Thank You For Playing can help capture an exciting moment in the evolution of the popular perception of gaming. Ryan, Amy and their development team are true artists, and That Dragon, Cancer is a unique work of art - we've never seen anything like it before."

“We decided it was important that people see the parts of our lives in-between the scenes of the game,” Ryan Green said in a post to the game’s website. “Life happens in the middle and so does death. David and Malika were with our family the three days leading up to Joel’s passing.”

Thank You For Playing is still in production. That Dragon, Cancer is expected to launch this year exclusively on Ouya.

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