Disney games unit lays off 50 more

House of Mouse's games division lets about 50 staffers go from several locations on same day it closed Junction Point, says source.


Disney yesterday closed Epic Mickey developer Junction Point Studios, ending all positions at the Austin, Texas company. The Los Angeles Times reports that those weren't the only layoffs that day, as about 50 staffers from several locations were let go Tuesday, according to a source.

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The paper obtained an email sent to staffers yesterday from Disney Interactive co-president John Pleasants. It comments on the closure of Junction Point, as well as the challenges associated with operating in the games industry, but does not specifically call out other job cullings.

"Our division operates in a rapidly evolving industry and as a result we must sometimes make difficult decisions to ensure we’re meeting market demands. Unfortunately, today this meant announcing changes within Disney Interactive Games, including the closure of Junction Point Studios in Austin," the statement reads.

"These decisions are never easy, or taken without serious thought and consideration, but they are essential in order for Disney Interactive to remain competitive and win."

Separately, Joystiq reports Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two has sold 529,000 copies over November and December 2012 in the United States. In addition, the site states combined sales of Epic Mickey 2 and Nintendo 3DS game Epic Mickey: The Power of Ilusion in the region have reached 695,000 units over the same period. This means the 3DS game sold roughly 166,000 copies.

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