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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Unlock Mike And Sulley

These two Monsters Inc. characters need your help on The Laugh Floor.


Disney Dreamlight Valley is home to plenty of Pixar characters, but few elicit joy the same way as Monsters Inc. duo Mike Wazowski and Sulley. When you're ready to add these two goofballs to your valley, we've got the full breakdown of how to do so for you below.

How to unlock Mike and Sulley in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Mike Wazowski and Sulley can be unlocked by opening the Monsters Inc. Realm in the Dream Castle for 15,000 Dreamlight. This will begin the quest "Escape Claws." Enter the Realm door and watch a quick cutscene, then examine the large metal door in the first room of the new Realm.

Head over to the nearby lockers and investigate them for the Lost and Found Monster Wear, which you can open in your inventory to receive Monstrous Ears and a Monsters Inc. Hard Hat. Go into your Wardrobe and apply these items, take a selfie when prompted, and then you'll finally find that you're granted access through the aforementioned large metal door.

Help Mike and Sulley by cleaning up this sludge.
Help Mike and Sulley by cleaning up this sludge.

Inside the next room, speak to Sulley and begin helping out around the area. Use your Royal Watering Can on the slug slime puddles and then pick up all of the party trash. Return to Sulley and tell him you've finished, then he'll request you make some coffee.

The coffee station is found back in the reception room where you first arrived. Head back there and pick up Coffee x6, Sugar x3, and Non-dairy Screamer x1. At the coffee maker, add Coffee x5 to make Sulley's coffee, then add Coffee x1, Sugar x3, and Non-dairy Screamer x1 to make Mike's coffee. Take both brews over to Mike Wazowksi.

After speaking with Mike, he'll get trapped in the human world, at which point you'll need to find the Emergency Manual. This item is located on a desk right beside where you're standing, so pick it up and take it to Sulley.

You'll need to find three fuses in the area. The first is on a red toolbox in the back of the room, the second is on the desk closest to the entrance of the room, and the third is on the second-to-last desk in the room.

Take all of the fuses over to the fuse box and put them in, then walk along the floor reconnecting all of the power lines. You may occasionally need to interact with the carts here to move them out of the way so that you can reveal power line connection spots. When you're done, Mike will return and tell you to speak with Sulley again to end this quest and a start a new one titled "Eye on the Prize."

Reconnect all of the power lines.
Reconnect all of the power lines.

Speak to Mike who will tell you to find something to jimmy open the door in reception. Head to the red toolbox in the back of the room (where you found the first fuse earlier) and investigate it to receive the MIFT Toolkit. Use this toolkit on the door in reception to gain access to the back office, then go to the reception desk to grab the stack of keycards there.

Speak to Mike, then enter the red door nearby. Inside, open the curtains and investigate the drawing in the window, then investigate the drawing by the bed. Lastly, investigate the drawing by the door, then head out of this room and talk to Mike.

Next, head through the blue door where you'll need to take three photos of clues. Take a photo of the Astrojet poster over the drawers, a photo of the book on the floor beside the bookcase, and a photo of the stars on the ceiling.

Finally, enter the green door and sift through the messes on the floor until you receive the Whoopee Cushion. Take it to Mike who will task you with his last request: collect three soda cans from the soda machines in reception.

Go to the red soda machine and get a red soda can. Next, click the light switch to the left of the blue soda machine to turn it on, then investigate it for the blue soda can. Lastly, take out your pickaxe and pop the green soda machine to receive the green soda can.

Mike and Sulley's apartment can be placed in your valley after helping them out.
Mike and Sulley's apartment can be placed in your valley after helping them out.

With all of this done, you can finally set up Mike and Sulley's house in your valley to have Sulley show up. Talk to him and he'll ask you to check on Mike back in the Monsters Inc. Realm, so head back there. After speaking with him and taking his photo, he'll also join your valley.

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