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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Play Multiplayer

Here's how to invite and join others in some multiplayer shenanigans!


Building and maintaining your valley in Disney Dreamlight Valley is a rewarding process, but sometimes it feels great to show it off to your friends, too. With the game's Valley Visits feature, you can do exactly that by inviting your pals to your valley or joining them in their own. Here's how it all works.

How to play multiplayer in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Valley Visits can be accessed by speaking to Vanellope after finishing her initial quests and inviting her to your valley. She'll offer you the "Valley Visits!" quest where she'll provide you with a Valley Visit Station. Place the Valley Visit Station anywhere you'd like in your valley to unlock multiplayer functionality.

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  • Inviting: You can invite up to three people to your valley at once by visiting the Valley Visit Station and generating a Visit Code. Give this code to your friend so that they can input it on the start menu.
  • Joining: You can join a friend's valley by heading to the start menu and selecting "Multiplayer." Just input a friend code that your pal has generated with their Valley Visit Station and you'll be on your way to visit them.

While visiting or being visited, you can visit all of the residents' homes, trade items with one another, or even buy today's items from the host's Scrooge McDuck shop. However, you won't be able to visit each other's Disney Realms--though there would be little reason to need to anyway.

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