Disney Dreamlight Valley Buñuelos Recipe

Here's how to make buñuelos in Disney Dreamlight Valley.


One of the most common tasks in Disney Dreamlight Valley is cooking, so you can rest assured that nearly every character has a quest that requires you to whip up something tasty. If you've managed to befriend Mirabel, you'll soon find that one of her quests requires you to make Buñuelos with milk, eggs, wheat, and a mystery ingredient--and we'll fill you in on the full recipe below.

How to make Buñuelos in Disney Dreamlight Valley

During Mirabel's second quest "A Taste of Home," she'll ask you to make Buñuelos--but she can't recall the recipe. You'll need to go speak with Remy, and he'll tell you three of the ingredients required, but he'll hint that the final ingredient is something you can buy in his restaurant. But we'll save you some experimentation--it's cheese.

Mirabel will be delighted to receive the dish from you.
Mirabel will be delighted to receive the dish from you.

Here are all four ingredients needed to make Buñuelos:

  • Milk
  • Eggs
  • Wheat
  • Cheese

Make sure to reference our full recipes list when you have more dishes to make in the future. And find all out other Disney Dreamlight Valley guides in one place.

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