Dishonored 2 Seemingly Leaked Ahead of E3 Reveal

Sequel to acclaimed stealth title may be set for reveal tomorrow.


Bethesda may have inadvertently revealed Dishonored 2, just a day before its E3 press conference.

What sounds like the word "Dishonored" and "Harvey" were picked up by an open-mic broadcasting to a Twitch stream, and then posted to YouTube, as first pointed out by YouTuber Matty Schroeder.

However, it's also possible that the participants were merely rehearsing and said, "We are honored."

Although this seems accidental, Bethesda has since tweeted "Twitch test a success. Tune in tomorrow night for more surprises," indicating it was planned. Though this may just be damage control.

The mic didn't pick up any details about the game, simply that a presentation by Harvey Smith, co-director of the first game, is happening.

Smith moved to Lyon, France to work with Arkane Lyons, though the exact nature of the new project has not been revealed.

Either way, we'll learn the truth during Bethesda's press conference tomorrow.

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