Disgaea 3 Returns on PlayStation Vita - Report

Nippon Ichi bringing strategy-RPG to Sony's new handheld, teases new titles from Prinny and Disgaea teams.


Disgaea is on the go once again. According to Dengeki PlayStation (and translated by Andriasang), Nippon Ichi has confirmed Disgaea 3 Returns--an enhanced port of the original PlayStation 3 strategy role-playing game--is in development for the PlayStation Vita.

Disgaea 3 protagonist Mao is the top honors student in the Netherworld Evil Academy.
Disgaea 3 protagonist Mao is the top honors student in the Netherworld Evil Academy.

While it's not clear if Disgaea 3 Returns will be ready for the system's Japanese launch later this year, Nippon Ichi did spell out some of the game's new features. In addition to four new scenarios and a pair of additional characters, the PS Vita release of the game will pack in all of the PS3 version's downloadable content.

In the same Dengeki PlayStation interview, Nippon Ichi teased a quartet of new titles on the horizon. The Prinny team is working on an action-role-playing game with 3D visuals, while the Disgaea team is collaborating with "a famous illustrator" on character designs for its next title, according to Andriasang's translation. The other two games are a new project from System Plasma and a Japanese import of a 3DS game that has already proven popular in international markets.

A January 2008 release in Japan, Disgaea 3 introduced a new main character and supporting cast, much like the series' first sequel. However, staples like the Netherworld setting and the abundance of knife-wielding penguin helpers known as Prinnies returned, lending some continuity to the franchise.

For more on the original Disgaea 3, check out GameSpot's review.

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