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Discord Finally Adds Slack-Style Message Threads

The popular chat client Discord has added threadable messages in order to make it easier for people to follow and search through conversations.


Discord has added message threads similar to fellow messaging client Slack in order to make for a better user experience. As revealed in a lengthy VentureBeat piece as well as the above blog post, though the feature might seem basic to some, it took the company more than a year to implement it.

The popular messaging client teased the addition earlier this week in a joking tweet. As the company told VentureBeat, Discord staff interviewed many monthly active users to determine if threading was a good addition to the software. They eventually decided that the feature would make it easier to follow conversations, as well as allowing messages to be searchable in a more systematic way.

By default, Discord threads will be automatically archived after 24 hours, meaning that users don't have to worry about replying to ancient messages they missed. As with Slack threads, messages in the thread will stack up on a separate pane that users can either ignore or follow without interrupting the main business or conversation of the Discord chat channel.

Discord recently rebranded to move away from its gaming roots as an alternative to chat platforms like Teamspeak and Skype. The company also gave away a broken GameCube as well as new-gen consoles as part of National Video Game Day earlier this month.

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