Discord Buys AI Company Sentropy To Combat Online Abuse And Harassment

Sentropy joins the hugely popular chat app Discord to "continue fighting against hate and abuse on the internet," the company announced.


The hugely popular chat app Discord has acquired the software company Sentropy to bolster its efforts to combat online abuse and harassment.

In a Medium blog post, CEO and co-founder John Redgrave announced that Sentropy would help Discord "expand and evolve its [Trust and Safety] capabilities" by continuing to build products that protect online communities. This includes moderation tools, support hubs, and actionable statistics.

Sentropy will also aid Discord in deciding how to effectively share the tools, practices, and technology the company develops with the entire internet.

As a result of this merger, some of Sentropy tools will no longer be available, such as the Detect and Defend product suite, as well as the Protect toolset.

With 150 million monthly active users, Discord is no stranger to toxic behavior. It's hard moderating such a populated service, but Discord's acquisition of Sentropy could alleviate the toxicity that proliferates on there.

In other Discord news, the company is giving away a series of consoles--including a broken GameCube--as part of a sweepstakes ending on July 25.

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