Diablo Immortal Makes $24 Million In First Two Weeks

The big opening for the mobile Diablo games puts it on comparable ground to other hits like Pokemon Go and Call of Duty Mobile.


Diablo Immortal had a hell of a launch for Activision Blizzard, with revenue that's roughly comparable to other mobile hits like Pokemon Go and Call of Duty Mobile. Analyst estimates suggest that the game has gotten 8.5 million downloads and more than $24 million in its first two weeks since launch.

The estimates from data analyst Appmagic (via PocketGamer) suggest that Diablo Immortal is one of Blizzard's most downloaded apps, and its second-highest earner behind Hearthstone. The United States accounted for 43% of revenue, followed by South Korea at 23%. The iOS and Android markets account for a roughly even amount of the market share, and the downloads peaked within the first three days.

By comparison, Call of Duty Mobile brought in almost $18 million in its first week, according to SensorTower, and Pokemon Go generated $14 million in its first week according to SuperData (via BusinessInsider). It's worth keeping in mind these aren't 1:1 comparisons, given that they're from varying analysts and all capture a single week instead of the first two weeks of Diablo Immortal. But it does show that the numbers across the board are very roughly comparable.

Though it's doing well financially, Diablo Immortal has been subject to a mixed reception from critics and fans alike for its microtransaction model, which many have criticized as predatory. GameSpot's Diablo Immortal review noted that the core campaign is very enjoyable, but once you hit the end game, the sudden grind for good loot that seems aimed at steering players toward spending cash can feel off-putting.

"But it's still one that you can enjoy without needing to dive into the mess of menus and lists asking you to tap a button to claim a myriad of rewards day in and day out, given you're comfortable with not being able to power through it all in just a handful of sittings," the review concludes.

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