Diablo co-creator's F2P Marvel RPG launching in Spring 2013

Developer Gazillion Entertainment announces Marvel Heroes will be released this spring for PC; a Mac version of the action RPG is also in the works.


Marvel Heroes

Marvel Heroes, the free-to-play action RPG with MMO elements, will be released this spring for PC. The game is being developed by Gazillion Entertainment, the new studio owned by Diablo and Diablo 2 co-creator David Brevik.

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Alongside the announcement, Gazillion is also making available 24 digital Founder Packs for purchase, split across three pricing tiers ranging from £12.99/$19.99/€15.99 to the frankly ridiculous £129.00/$199.99/€159.99 Each offers up various Marvel heroes alongside an assortment of accessories, experience boosts, in-game currency and early access.

Right now, the game will let you drop the cash for Iron Man, Deadpool, Wovlerine, Human Torch, Spider-Man, Ms Marvel, Thor, Captain America, Cable, Cyclops, Black Panther, Colossus, Jean Grey, Hulk, The Punisher and--of course--Rocket Racoon. A Mac version of Marvel Heroes will be made available after the game's Spring 2013 launch.

The full trio of options available in the Marvel Heroes Founders Program:

Starter: There are 16 different Starter Packs available. Each pack includes one of 16 Super Heroes to play at launch, one bonus costume for the chosen hero, £6/€8 of in-game currency and two days head start prior to launch. Each Starter Pack will be available for £12.99/$19.99/€15.99. Premium: There are seven different Premium Packs available that will come equipped with a team of four heroes from across the Marvel Universe, including X-Force, Uncanny X-Men, Marvel Knights, Avengers, Marvel NOW, Marvel Classic and a special Deadpool pack (Why? Because he made us do it). Players will also receive four bonus costumes for their team, £20/€25 in-game currency and four days head start prior to launch. The Premium Pack is available for £39.99/$59.99/€49.99. Ultimate: The optimal value of the Founders Program, the Ultimate Pack includes access to all heroes available in Marvel Heroes at launch, all launch costumes plus four Ultimate Pack exclusive costumes (Maestro Hulk, Wolverine Weapon X, Spider-Man Symbiote and the Iron Man 3 Movie Armor), £32/€40 in-game currency, seven days head start prior to launch, a permanent 5% experience boost, a permanent 5% item find boost, and more. The Ultimate Pack is available for £129.99/$199.99/€159.99.

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