Diablo 4's Latest Patch Has Made It Even Harder To Find The Secret Cow Level

There's a MOOstery afoot.


Thanks to the latest patch, players have yet another roadblock in the quest to find the secret cow level in Diablo 4.

Thanks to PCGamer, we know that the 1.0.3 patch removed a quest called "The Oxen Gods," where players had to turn in a series of items that would give them access to a hidden room. This was considered a vital puzzle piece to a group called Not Finding A Cow Level Discord. As the name suggests, it's a Discord server dedicated to discovering whether the cow level is real.

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Since removing this quest, a good chunk of Discord has started to look at older Diablo games and even World of Warcraft to see if there are any clues within the game's lore. But as of now, no one has found anything that could provide answers.

For those unaware, the cow level has become a running joke within the Diablo community. Since Diablo 2, there's been a hidden level called "The Secret Cow Level," and in it, players have to fight a Hell Bovine. Leading up to the launch of Diablo 4, the dev team stated that there wouldn't be a hidden cow level at launch leaving the possibility of finding one somewhere down the road.

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