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Diablo 4 Players Believe That They've Cracked The Secret Cow Level Code

The wicked and the bovine.


Officially, Blizzard's stance on a rumored secret cow level for Diablo 4 is that it doesn't exist, but that hasn't stopped some players from believing that the truth is out there. Specifically, in a ritual that can seemingly be used to summon brutal bovines from Hell in a future update.

According to players on the D4: Not Finding A Cow Level Discord server (via PC Gamer), a fountain surrounded by ox statues in the Ked Bardu location is the surest sign yet that Blizzard could sneak in a beefy stage in a future update.

We want to believe.
We want to believe.

A message about cleansing offerings to "The Oxen Gods" appears when one of these idols is clicked on, and players have so far discovered the Metallic Fragment, the Bloody Wooden Shard, and the Musty Tome items through data-mining. Diablo 2 players will remember the Bloody Wooden Shard and the Musty Tome as references to the items that were used to access that game's cow level, Wirt's Leg and a Tome of Town Portal.

While the items haven't been uncovered inside the actual game just yet, the prevailing theory is that these artifacts can be cleansed at the fountain and then a secret key will be awarded to players. With the key in hand, it's believed that a secret cellar can be unlocked and a portal to the hellish heifer dimension will be opened... or it's all a waste of time.

Currently, Blizzard says that the grim tone of Diablo IV has ruled out a cow level for now. The studio is open to loosening up its tonal restrictions, and as Diablo IV expands with more seasonal content and post-launch updates, the game could eventually get its cow level.

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