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Diablo 4 - How To Beat Avarice, The Gold Cursed World Boss

Avarice is a formidable world boss that will require finesse and brute strength to take down in Diablo 4.


Avarice, the Gold Cursed is one of the three World Bosses that is currently available for players to fight in Diablo 4. World Bosses are only unlocked after you have completed the main story, and they are on set timers that are roughly spread out six hours apart. In addition to that, it appears that whatever World Boss spawns is random, so you never truly know which of the three you're going to see.

If you happen to see Avarice spawn in, then you will want to know exactly how to defeat the behemoth of a boss. Below, we have listed the attacks that Avarice uses as well as some strategies to ensure that you get out of the fight (relatively) unscathed.

Where does Avarice spawn?

First and foremost, you will need to know where Avarice spawns on the map. Like the other two World Bosses in Diablo 4, Avarice can spawn at one of three locations:

  • Kehjistan - Seared Basin
  • Fractured Peaks - The Crucible
  • Dry Steppes - Saraan Caldera

You will know which one Avarice is spawning at by pulling up your map and looking for the timer. The World Boss arenas are marked on the map as large circular areas with a skinny road connecting them to their region. Head to wherever the World Boss has spawned and wait for it to appear.

Defeating Avarice

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As with any other World Boss, you will need a fairly large party in order to have any chance at defeating Avarice. Luckily, there will always be at least a dozen or so players at every single World Boss fight on your server, so you shouldn't have to worry about that aspect of the fight. Also following other World Boss fights, Avarice will have to be defeated within a certain amount of time. You can find that timer at the top of your screen.

When Avarice spawns, its health bar will look like any other major boss' health bar in Diablo 4. It will have four red triangles along the red bar that indicate its different stages. When you tick past one of the red triangles, Avarice will drop some healing potions that you can pick up so you are able to continue fighting without dying. However, as you complete each stage of the fight, Avarice will start to use stronger and stronger attacks.

The easiest way to deal damage to the World Boss is to get its stagger bar full. This bar is found directly beneath its health bar and extends both ways out of the black skull. Once this bar is completely full, which is indicated by it turning blue, the boss will take extra damage and its health bar will go down faster. You can fill up the stagger bar by using crowd control effects, which are basically any status effect on a skill in Diablo 4.

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Now that we've got the basics out of the way, let's get into the meat and potatoes of the fight. Avarice has several attacks that can deal hundreds and hundreds worth of damage points. The boss' key attacks are listed and described below.

  • Portal Charge - Avarice's signature attack that sees it charge through a portal and then appear from another in a different position. As Avarice emerges from the second portal, it will deal extra damage as it charges to a new location. You need to stay out of the way of this second charge at all costs.
  • Mallet Slam - One of two mallet attacks, Mallet Slam involves Avarice raising its mallet and bringing it down hard on the ground, causing a giant shockwave to resonate throughout the arena. Normally, this isn't a big deal; but when there are Pillars scattered around the field, they will explode after three seconds when the shockwave hits them. When you see this attack, make sure you're not near any pillar. You also don't want to step in the gold liquid left behind after the pillar explodes, as that deals damage as well.
  • Mallet Thrust - Once again, this attack sends a shockwave on the ground. However, this time, the shockwave is contained in a cone shape, so simply ensure you are not in the way when Avarice is gearing up for Mallet Thrust. You'll know when the boss is about to use this attack, as there is a lengthy windup prior to it happening.
  • Chest Swing - This is usually the most common attack you will see during the fight with Avarice. Chest Swing sees the boss throw its gold treasure chest forward, damaging you on impact. Then, the boss swings the chest around 360 degrees, also damaging on impact. For this attack, you want to stand in between the chest and Avarice, where the chain is. Or, you can get back to the outer reach of the arena if you are fast enough.
  • Gold Vomit - This attack sees Avarice spew Gold Vomit underneath and around it. The gold liquid isn't too damaging, but you don't want to be in it at any time, as it deals damage over time that you can't afford to take.
  • Ground Stomp - Ground Stomp is a devasting attack you want to get out of the way of at any cost. Avarice tries to pull you in and then stomp the ground, dealing moderate damage. However, what's worse is that you can now be subject to more attacks, such as Gold Vomit and Mallet Slam/Thrust, since you are so close to the boss.
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Those are the primary attacks that you have to worry about with Avarice. Overall, this isn't too challenging of a World Boss fight if you have the necessary players to take on the Gold Cursed boss. Simply play to the strengths of your build and try to memorize what Avarice's look like before they happen. The most important aspect of the fight is staying out of the way of Avarice's big-damage attacks, which becomes easier as the battle goes on.

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