Details on FFXI battle system

New details emerge on the battle system in Final Fantasy XI.


Final Fantasy XI

The latest Famitsu magazine in Japan has revealed some interesting pieces of information regarding the battle system in SquareSoft's upcoming Final Fantasy XI. The online multiplayer game is a complete departure from previous games in the series in terms of its look and style, and the combat system is no different. SquareSoft will do away with the random battles in the previous Final Fantasy games, as monsters and enemies will be visible on the map. The battles will occur in real time, but there will also be a menu system. Players will be able to engage an enemy of their choosing and will be able to switch between simple attacks, magic, and items using a pop-up battle menu.

Currently being beta-tested in Japan, Final Fantasy XI will be released in that territory in spring 2002. A North American release should follow later in the year.

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