Destiny Voice Actor Teases He's Working on "Big, Big" Project at Warner Bros.

Nolan North says, "That'll be another 10 years of my life."


Nolan North, the voice actor behind Nathan Drake from Uncharted and Ghost in Destiny (and so many others), is gearing up for his next role--and it sounds like a big one.

As part of Grantland's profile of the prolific voice actor, he says he recently met with the Warner Bros. video game team for a "big, big project." He can't talk about it, but says, "That'll be another 10 years of my life." North has worked with Warner Bros. before, most recently on Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor.

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In that game, he played the evil Black Hand of Sauron. It's possible the unannounced project North is teasing is a Shadow of Mordor sequel, though this has not been confirmed.

Although developer Monolith hasn't said anything about a sequel to the game yet, it's a safe bet to assume that we haven't seen the last of Shadow of Mordor. It sits at an 87 on Metacritic, and it won a number of different Game of the Year awards.

In December 2014, Shadow of Mordor's design director remarked that the game was just the beginning of what the studio wanted to do with the Nemesis system, and that there was a ton of potential for more storytelling using the enemies. And in June this year, Monolith went on a hiring spree.

Grantland's profile of North is a great read. It also touches on how North replaced Game of Thrones actor Peter Dinklage for the role of Ghost in Destiny.

"We went back and redid things, which I've never done," he said. "Which I didn't even know you could do, which is terrifying to a certain point. You're thinking, 'Sh**, I better be on top of my game every time I work, because they can go in and do somebody else because it's a live update.'"

Read the full Grantland story here.

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