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Destiny: Rise of Iron Adds Private Matches, New Multiplayer Mode Detailed

Bungie has revealed and detailed the new Crucible game type coming in Rise of Iron.


This year's Gamescom conference begins this week, and to kick things off, Bungie has revealed a bunch of new information about Destiny's upcoming Rise of Iron expansion. Among other things, the studio gave us our first look at the new Crucible multiplayer mode, called Supremacy, coming in the expansion.

The mode is similar to Kill Confirmed from the Call of Duty series--if you kill someone, they drop a crest that gives you two points if you pick it up. If you kill someone and your teammate picks up their Crest, you and your teammate will both get one point. The only way to score points is to pick up the Crest, so simply killing someone won't get your team any closer to winning. Further, if your teammate dies, you can block the other team from gaining points by picking up their Crest yourself.

A look at the private match interface.
A look at the private match interface.

The Crests themselves are tied into the aesthetics of the Destiny universe, so each character class--Warlock, Hunter, and Titan--will have unique Crests.

In addition, Bungie is adding a much-requested feature to Crucible in Rise of Iron: private matches. Up until now, multiplayer has been limited to matchmaking into pre-set game modes. In the new expansion, you're able to set up your own matches and customize the game types. You can decide the number of players you want to play, and you can even boot into a match by yourself--giving players the first opportunity to explore Crucible maps without fear of enemies. Private matches are available to everyone who downloads the update coming alongside Rise of Iron, so even if you don't buy the expansion, you'll still be able to take advantage of the feature.

Rise of Iron launches on September 20 for PS4 and Xbox One, and it adds a whole bunch more content than just Supremacy. You can read more about the rest of Rise of Iron here.

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