Destiny Reaches 20 Million "Registered Players," As Major DLC Plans Teased

Bungie's online shooter hits another user milestone.


As part of Activision Blizzard's latest earnings report, the megapublisher announced that Destiny has now reached 20 million "registered players," which is up from the 16 million figure announced in February. It's unclear how Activision Blizzard is counting "registered players" (Destiny allows you to create multiple characters, after all), but overall growth is something the publisher is no doubt happy about.

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Activision also announced that Destiny continues to see "strong engagement." Active players are spending about three hours in Destiny every day, which is down slightly from a quarter ago, when Activision said active players were playing over three hours per day.

In addition, Activision said Destiny has seen "strong digital sales and expansion attach rates." But again, no specific sales numbers were announced.

Also during the earnings event, Activision laid out plans to support Destiny with even more content this summer and beyond. Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg teased that Destiny has a "major content release" coming this fall that will be the biggest expansion the game has received to date.

Interestingly, that announcement came not long after developer Bungie registered a trademark for The Taken King, which is rumored to be connected to Destiny in some manner.

On Destiny's immediate horizon is the House of Wolves expansion, which Bungie recently talked about in depth. Check out GameSpot's in-depth House of Wolves roundup for everything you need to know.

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